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Henry Street Settlement ATTAIN Lab

State University of New York ATTAIN (Advanced Technology Training And Information Networking) center is a community based center offering an assortment of academic, occupational, and employability courses. These courses are geared to introduce, as well as supplement students with educational and vocational skills,  through advanced technology training for a high-demanding technological world.


Computer Basics
This course is catered to individuals who have little or no experience/knowledge of computers. In this course, participants learn the basics about computers, navigating through Windows 7, using basic features of Word 2013, surfing and searching the Internet, and using e-mail. By the end of the course, participants should be able to pass the Digital Literacy test and obtain their Digital Literacy Certificate, which is required to be submitted in order to move onto other courses.

Microsoft Office 2013 Certification Courses
These courses help prepare students who desire to take the Microsoft Office Specialist exam in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook by teaching them beginner to advanced skills in those programs and test preparation to pass the exam. Prerequisite: Digital Literacy Certificate for all courses.

*Please Note* Outlook is only available for self-paced study and Access is only offered once or twice a year. Microsoft courses are offered in a morning, afternoon, evening and Saturday course rotation schedule. All Microsoft courses are available as a self-paced option if your schedule is not compatible with the course schedule. Each program is a separate course and you will need a USB storage device (flash drive) for the course materials.


Take advantage of the following self-paced training’s available and earn certificates for completion. Please note that these courses are only available on-site in the lab.

Employability Skills
Career Exploration and the Workplace (Workplace Reading), Working with People, Workplace Math, Workplace Math and Reading Assessments

Academic Skills
Adult Vocabulary Development, Math I, II, & III, Reading I, II, & III, Writing I & II, Expressive Writing, Academics Mathematics Assessment, Academics Reading Assessment, Academic Language Assessment (Writing), and Topics in Science, Social Studies, and Literature

Life Skills Series
Child Care Parenting, Life Skills Program, and You Can Make It Happen

Occupational Skills
Building Maintenance Carpentry, Electrical & Plumbing, Child Care I, II, & III, Customer Service Representative, Home Care Aide, Nursing Assistant Program, Health Care: Certified Nurse Assistant Assessment, Office Skills Program, Security Officer Program, Security Officer Assessment

Independent Curriculum
Rosetta Stone (English and foreign language learning), Mavis Beacon Academies (typing program), Microsoft Digital Literacy (computer literacy), FDIC Smart Money (financial literacy), Microsoft Technology Associate Certifications, QuickBooks Certification